"It's not just about swimming...it's about surviving."

Doing your research in selecting an effective swimming program and the instructor is the key. Choose a program that will teach your child the skills to survive in the water. Water survival skills are vital for infants and young children.


Beware of programs that promote only water acclimation. If your child learns to love the water but does not have the skills to save him/herself, then the risk of a water accident can actually increase. When children are confident in their skill, love of the water will inevitably follow.

Check the instructor's teaching qualification. There are currently no laws governing licensing of swimming instructors. They should also have current CPR and First Aid certifications. Confirm that the instructor is certified to teach survival-swimming skills.


Since the majority of children who fall into the pool are fully clothed,children should have some experience with this scenario. Swimming in clothes and shoes is significantly different situation than swimming in bathing suit. Ensure your child's instructor will practice with him/her


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